Jesse Blau

1.     Tell us what made you decide to try CrossFit and Why CrossFit Akeso?

I decided to try to Crossfit to jumpstart my fitness for lack of a better term.  I found myself inconsistently going to group fitness classes and over time finding the classes very mundane.  I got to the point where working out was a chore instead of something fun and engaging

I lived across the street from Akeso the past two years and noticed people running every morning while I got up for work and thought I should google the location to see if it was a Crossfit location as during this time I was researching Crossfit gyms to try out.

2.     What has been your favorite WOD or Lift since you have joined CrossFit?

Honestly, I haven’t been doing it long enough to have coined a favorite workout.  However, I’m always a fan of any WOD that incorporates an Olympic lift.  Lately, I’m becoming more a fan of the gymnastic movements as those have been my biggest hurdle.

3.     What has been your least Favorite WOD or Lift?

Any WOD with burpees ( I know they’re good for me…)

4.     Have you accomplished any particular goals since joining CrossFit Akeso and if so what are they?

I’ve noticed I’m considerably stronger with some lifts doubling since I first started in July.

5.     Tell us something we may not already know about yourself?

I always carry an open mind towards absolutely everything.

6.     What is your favorite episode of the classic hit TV show Friends?

Also, remember that one when Ross wanted to dress up as Santa but they were out of Santa costumes so he had to be the ‘Holiday Armadillo’ and teach his son about Hanukkah? That was a knee slapper.

So growing up, I was a Seinfeld enthusiast and for some reason was taught to see Friends as the competitor towards Seinfeld.  I never really watched Friends.  I suppose any episode where Jennifer Aniston commands screen time is alright.

7.     If you could go back and witness one historical moment, what would it be?

A few because I need to tap into my genres:

  • Nirvana’s last show prior to Cobain’s suicide (although I think it was a conspiracy)
  • Moses parting the Red Sea; it would allow me to settle some bets with friends/building of the pyramids so the History Channel can stop berating me with their wild theories
  • Beginning of the universe
  • Any Monday morning meetings with silly historical dictators to just listen to their wild propaganda first hand and their “yes” men just nodding their heads in excitement.


My experience at Crossfit Akeso has been one of the better/best decisions I have made (outside of popping the question to Ms. Betsy, of course).  I view my time at the gym as my escape, especially being able to work out with my wife as I view it as “our” time together since we both have very busy lives.

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