The “little” Entrepreneur that could…

These are the writings of my experiences as an entrepreneur who is constantly learning, making mistakes, taking risks, making both easy and difficult decisions for the longevity of my business, all while being a wife, mom and athlete. My intent for this blog is share information that may be helpful, serious at times, inspiring and fun. Enjoy.

Well, where do I start. This is my first attempt at writing a blog and so I figured I would start with the basic and most obvious subject that I know the most about…myself. Yep. That’s right I am going to write about me and how I came into this world otherwise known as CrossFit.
For the most part not very many people know a lot about how I got my start in CrossFit and how that resulted in me becoming a coach and an affiliate owner. To be quite honest neither one of these things were on my radar. I was a struggling artist, mother and wife. Who was going to school to become a legal assistant and working slinging drinks and waiting tables at a local bar. Which, to be honest I loved every minute of the night life and social aspect. I was making great money, but I needed to get that “Grown Up” Job. I thought I wanted that “9 to 5” life with paid vacation, holidays all that stuff. I tried it. I tried a variety of jobs. I am better known as a jack of all trades to most of my family and friends. Let’s put it bluntly, I have done just about everything.
The problem was I get bored rather easily. I do not like “idle time”. I have the damnedest time doing nothing. But, I am getting off topic. So, I was working two jobs and casually taking CrossFit Classes at my Best Bro Friend’s Gym. I was not all that serious about it. I couldn’t even do a pull up. Let alone when I tried to snatch an empty barbell I would fall flat on my ass. Or made some awkward attempt to muscle it above my head. (We have all been there or are starting there. ;)).
Anyway, as I continued to attend CrossFit Classes no matter how rough they were or how awkward I was at doing the movements I fell in love with the struggle and accomplishment I felt after every workout. I noticed how different I felt in a positive way. The physical changes came later down the road for me too. So, I started challenging myself more and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. It wasn’t until after a few months that my best bro friend Tommy

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