Tough Decisions

Everyday we are faced with making decisions. From the moment we wake to the end of the day when we are going to go to sleep. Decisions are apart of our lives, there is absolutely no getting around them or away from them. Even when you tell someone, “you don’t care” you have made the decision to not care.

As an entrepreneur I am faced with making decisions all the time. Some easy and some pretty difficult. Believe me, there are definitely times when I wish I didn’t have to make decisions. Especially, the tough ones.

Nowadays, my decision making has a ripple effect. In particular with my business. See, when I make decisions that involve the box, that decision will effect my members in some way. And man let me tell you what. I sweat every time I decide.

Why? What’s the big damn deal? You are probably asking yourself. You just make the choice and move on. It’s not that simple when you are a small business, you have a small staff that relies on you to make intelligent choices as well as members who trust you to make the “right” decisions for them, that will benefit them and you of course.

It’s different. See, from what I have learned by working in both large corporations to small mom and pop operated businesses, decisions have different effects on everyone. Whether they are small decisions or big changes. What we hope is that the decisions we make are the right ones and if not, that the mistake is not too detrimental to recover from.

As a small business owner I bare a great burden and I don’t mean that in a negative sense. We all have our burdens. Mine, is my business and how successful I can and will make it. That success is heavily reliant on the decisions I make on a daily basis. Because they have almost an immediate effect on my members and staff. And there is no one to blame or take responsibility regardless of a good or bad decision but ME.

So, strategy and having a plan is key in running a successful business. Now, also you have to keep in mind that unexpected events come up and you have to be flexible. With owning a gym there is a lot the can happen unexpectedly. For example, replacing equipment that gets used and beat up (believe me we use the shit out our equipment). To fixing holes in the walls, even having a rapid change in population from loss to growth. You have to remember to be flexible and at times think on your feet.

The take away from this is… We are not perfect and we will make mistakes and that our decisions will have at times a greater effect than what we realize and some people will understand and others will not and move on. That’s okay, because we will learn from our decisions and move forward in hopes to make better decisions and work toward a successful business.

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